Photo Recap of STAPLE! 2011

Hey yawl, Glademade and the GCPM had a great time at STAPLE! 2011 in Austin. Thanks to everyone who came by our table, chatted, and/or bought stuff - we hope to see you next year!

Here's a shot of our table with everything except for Glademade's second card rack. Two thirds of our table are missing, Glade's like "why'd y'all duck beneath the table?!"

Here's a close up shot. From left to right, you can see Michael Miles, DT Fullen, and Glade Hensel. Mark P Hensel AKA William Cardini is behind the camera in all of these.

Here's a close-up shot of Michael Miles' side of the table. He's got a piece of original space poodle art from his newest zine Slime Studies out. We decided that next year he should totally have a zine of just space poodle drawings.

Here you can see the 11x17 red/blue anaglyph 3D comic Math Fiction (published by Yeah Dude Comics but featuring Josh Burggraf and Willy C of the GCP), which was definitely our most popular item. Next year we're going to try to have some sort of 3D item for sale.

Here's another close-up shot with David Fullen and Glade Hensel. You can see Glade's piece from the last Monster Show at Domy Austin in the lower right.

After the first day of STAPLE! Michael Miles made it rain with the tens of dollars we got from selling zines.

Let's end this with a shot of freshly spraypainted bags containing Michael Miles' Slime Studies.

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