Zygote In My Coffee

Jak Cardini got two totally dope ass poems in this months issue of Zygote in My Coffee! Read em. Tell yer friendz.


TRANZ Review by Optical Sloth

William Cardini's TRANZ got reviewed over at Optical Sloth, here's a quote:

"Everything looks great and William/Mark is certainly not short on imagination, I guess I’m just more old fashioned in my comics reading, what with my general preference for linear stories and all. Still, there’s a lot to be said with the 'where the hell is this going to go from here?' school of making comics, and I’m all kinds of intrigued to see what he does next and what he’s already done that might or might not be more accessible than this to the common folk."



When Everything Here Is No Longer Alive

I see troups of lost

Snipe hunting
in vacant lots

And if you weren't dead,
I can tell
Youd want to be there

Like, right now,
you are trying to

will some awkward
imitation of yourself

to say things like

"I'm receiving a transmission from another planet"


"It's being dictated by an historical figure"

you seem unsatisfied.
It's not working for some reason.
Like a note stuck in the back
of a philosophy text book.

it's missing


To them,
you appear as someone
experiencing an earthquake

You have 2-3 different voices.

You are five random words.

Their flashlights are growing dim
Their bed times are arriving

and they are tired of
trying to interpret you
as you attempt to tell them
their future.


Craig Arnold


Mawwwr TRANZ

Although William Cardini drew these pages for a show to benefit an art space, they're a continuation of the ideas that he was dealing with in TRANZ:





William Cardini has started working on a new twelve-page comic that incorporates the MULTIPLY idea into a longer narrative, we here at the GCPM are super stoked about it! He plans to have it ready for when he goes to MoCCA Fest 09 so if you're coming/tabling be prepared to trade him a zine for it!