GCPM Merch and Other Items on Sale at Domy Austin

Hey y'all, William Cardini here. I've been dropping off a bevy of our books and some other goodness at Domy Books in Austin over the last month.

I'm going to list these in order from the item that's been at Domy the least time to the item that's been at Domy the longest:
  1. Mongoloid Revenge by Josh Burggraf – $2, 16 comic pages, black and white xerox

    This sequel to Burggraf's zine Mongoloid Diner includes a summary of the previous issue for people who are just jumping onto this sordid tale of revenge and loss.

    Check out the awesome doodles of Floyd and the GCPM logo that Josh drew on the letter he sent me.

  2. Lords ov thee Black Sun by Michael Miles – $10, 12 pages of drawings, black and white xerox, includes an 11x17" poster

    This zine is a bunch of totally sick ink drawings by Michael Miles, related to his upcoming animation masterwork Burial of the Rat King. Check out his tumblr for a preview.

    This might be the dopest double-page spread in the zine but it's really hard for me to pick between them.

  3. Math Fiction, $40, 16 digital press pages, published by Yeah Dude Comics, edited by Pat Ausilio, featuring Pat, Josh, Ian Harker, and myself

    This 11x17 anaglyph 3d monstrosity with screenprinted covers was published by Yeah Dude Comics, not the GCPM, but it includes two GCPM dudes and I dropped it off at Domy Books in Austin recently so it's on this list. Here's a preview, but y'all should just go slide this thing out of its poly bag and check it out yourselves!

    I tilted the camera to make it look monumental on purpose ...

  4. The Miizzzard – $15 two-color screenprint

    I've mentioned these before. They're now in Domy's fancy new poster rack, in between amazing prints by Rand Renfrow and Mat Brinkman.

And of course our older items, Catch Up (both covers), TRANZ, Froghead Hangover, and Shaman Thunder are still on sale.

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