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Jak Cardini will be reading April 3rd at 2:45 in the Ekstrom Library, Chao Auditorium on the University of Louisville campus at part of "Humanities and the Arts: Cultures and Controversies". I landed this reading for my collaborative efforts on a TARC bus station poster with Alexia Serpentini. Look at it.


University of Louisville reading

Jak Cardini will be reading April 3rd at 2:45 in the Ekstrom Library, Chao Auditorium on the University of Louisville campus at part of "Humanities and the Arts: Cultures and Controversies". I landed this reading for my collaborative efforts on a TARC bus station poster with Alexia Serpentini. Look at it.



watch out nephews

there are attics
full of
Artari 2600s
that you will
never visit


Jak's Poster on http://shelterpoetry.blogspot.com

Greetings From The Future!

*Before Consuming the Future You Should Know

That the future is opinions that are not allowed to be shared in any way. I have, thanks to evasive maneuvers of primitive man, evaded the higher order of police for the past few days to secretly bring you this blog. If they caught me they could infiltrate my brain and re-arrange my entire thought process into a mushy mush. I bare this information not as a warning but as information. You should see what I have seen.

I just want to say right now that the future fucking rules. I just saw a guy with a double neck tie. That’s right, the double neck tie prediction in Back to the Future II is correct and flourishing in the year 3092. And all the while I’m writing this, I’m writing it with my mind, projecting a series of thoughts onto an advanced Super Luminary Hydrogenated Pocket Screen. The thoughts are captured by a photon imaging device that emits a high frequency of light out of my forehead. In this light’s particles my thoughts flow as free as information in a computer. And these may be transferred where ever a host, such as my Super LHPS, may be.

Rather than eating food, pretty ladies dressed in only what your mind imagines, bring you a pill. The pill disperses a series of fats, proteins, and other nutrients throughout your body. Not only does it sufficiently nutrinomize you, but it also gives you an entire simulation of what the meal would be like eating it with your favorite celebrity. I chose Christopher Lloyd just to tell him I am in the future. He just kept saying “Great scott!” over and over until the dinner was over. Some glitches still occur within the dinner program.

When I introduce myself to people they say “Bondorazomariocoaza.” At first I was almost offended until everyone continued to say it. The future is so friendly! Everyone smiles because if you don’t the government will administer a pill to you that simulates shame and humility.

I sit by the mechanical trees that breathe the way heavy machines do. The rubber bark that has been worn off reveals the trees inner machinery. I listen as the trees blow and creak. The night sky, which is the only thing that reminds me of the past, glows trails of white against space’s black.

A helicopter comes in from above and lands next to me. You’re under arrest. Filtration process begun. Do not disturb public’s brains. I’m looking up at the sky. I’m looking at the moon. Filtration process, re-arrangement in order, do not struggle the flows of time waning struggle error disruption. Do not struggle you are under arrest.


William Cardini Q&A with the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen

original enclosure

William Cardini is the second person interviewed.

Karen Cassidy

the antelope was out in the fields and he came across a cantaloupe. then he ate it, and his rude evil brother told him that he ate a baby antelope egg. antelope fainted because he thought a cantaloupe was an antelope egg. he ran away, thinking he shamed his family. he met a caterpillar, who asked why he was so sad. the caterpillar said it was okay, and that nothing is as bad as it seems. without pushing the subject, the caterpillar stayed friends with the antelope, hoping one day he'd open up. after months, the antelope finally said what he had done. the caterpillar laughed so hard he died.then the antelope realized he really did do something wrong. running away again, the antelope went to a village where there was a little boy that had a chili bowl haircut. the boy was carrying a marshmallow gun, and said "freeze" to the antelope, or he was going to eat him for supper. at this point the antelope was so tired from running, and broke down crying. the boy thought he had scared the antelope, and went over to hug him. the antelope had never felt better in his whole life, and became good friends with the boy. they did everything together.then one day there was a female antelope, and the male antelope had to go out and see her. he ran out to the other antelope and did what he was born to do. he impregnated the female antelope. months later he was very happy to see that a baby antelope was not cantaloupe at all. it doesn't even grow in an egg . so him, the boy, the baby and mother lived happily ever after. they laughed about it a lot. how silly it was that he thought the cantaloupe was a baby antelope. also, they went and killed his brother.

moral of the story: don't forget to live your life. also get revenge.


Bus Station

Jak Cardini recently had one of his poems used for a TARC poster in Louisville, Kentucky. TARC teamed up with UofL art students and local poets in a collaborative public art project. The posters will be display on downtown bus station starting early April.

The Gold County Paper Mill would like to thank Alexia Serpentini allowing Jak to participate in the project, and for the phat showt owt at the bottum of the page.


Poo Tee Weet

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Poo Tee Weet


STAPLE! 2009

Here's all the stuff that we'll have for you tomorrow from 11-7 at STAPLE!


From left to right:

Hyperbox #1-3 by William Cardini

Jak Cardini Achieves the Narratological Singularity by Jak Cardini, book design by Paul DeVay

TRANZ by William Cardini with assistance from Glade Whitworth

Masks by William Cardini

Coyote by The Medicine Men (Dr. Chuch and Davehat)

OMNI by William Cardini and Lanneau White

Impossible Objects #1 by Jak Cardini and William Cardini

See y'all there!