There is a view in front of the third street academic building main entrance
I've always wanted to write about

Beneath it :

An orange wheeled machine
with its arm or neck or back


I have no idea how
she prepared such a bed
or why there are
ugly engines
of blankets
under it

Cars under trees
like fallen silver fruit
hot in gears and juices

Back in the kitchen,
flarf falls out of the freezer
embarrassing stacks of
melamine plates

Yellow tubes pour out of the
Louisville Free Public Library Building
surrounded by the Okalona Fence Company

Like Galactus is eating all the books
Like book worms are a monstrous reality

By the traffic

Traffic that could kill many things
like machines, or views

I just cant imagine
finding a use for all these
layers and sheets and pillows,
placing it so close
to the night stand

From here,
I can smell
tuna cans squirming
in the trash
under banana peels

Coffee cups spin
in the cupboard
trying to work off hours of
late night conversation

fences are killing innumerable views

A building on the corner
of and
is haunted
by the relaxed ghosts
of chairs
pressing themselves
through curtains
into the window panes
of every room
from this
hot parking lot

If I were at work
right now,
walking the cold garbled aisles
of blue mylar strips
dressed in toothbrushes

I'd start 'facing' this bedroom

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